Goodbye Sugar!!


Anyone who knows me knows that I am a documentary fanatic. I love anything that has to do with food  period. I also tend to be a hypochondriac, so the simplest sign of an ailment sends me into a frenzy  that always ends with me thinking that I am dying.

I recently watched the documentary Fed Up because I have been wondering why is it that I just can’t lose any weight. I eat minimal carbohydrates for crying out loud. If I do eat rice it’s about two tablespoons. I don’t even eat pasta because I quite frankly don’t like it.(Vince and Nathan are a completely different story). So why can’t I shed these awful pounds that make me want to run into a corner and hide. Underneath all this stored fat is a shapely figure that is dying to be shine.

Don’t get me wrong however, I am a glutton, I like to eat. I also remain a couch potato. I have tried doing Cize, Insanity Max 30, Insanity, T25 and P90X and failed each and every one.  I don’t ever have the drive to push through and no support system. Although one’s four year old child telling them that “you so squishy, mommy you fat,” should be a wake up call. 😦

I have, however, vowed to try something new that I think is going to kill me figuratively of course. I have decided to forego sugar for a month.  My sugar intake in my opinion is minimal but I do enjoy the thai chilli sauce, and I eat baked bbq chicken 3 days out of the week(don’t judge me please). I eat salad with salad dressings and I like tomato sauce and will have the occasional cookie. I have a sensitive tummy so I do drink ginger ales once in awhile.

Tomorrow begins my foray I will try to detail my ups and my downs as my body decides I am a horrible person to deny it what it so craves. In the meantime look at my last long island ice tea as I also quite alcohol. However, that’s a story for another time.

P.S. If anyone even reads this, and have attempted this diet please share tour experiences as well as tell me what the heck can I eat. It seems like I will be going into starvation mode.


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  1. lexilife says:

    I wish I didn’t like pasta. It’s my weak spot when it comes to carbs! Someone I know did this diet actually, it didn’t do them any good if I’m honest. Cutting sugar out completely may not work for you either, my friend was constantly tired, dreary and not her cheery self as she was so exhausted! I think she had to cut sugar out for 3/4 days a week instead of all the time! Good luck though, it may be different for you!x

    1. mandy2015 says:

      Thank you for your response. I’ll be over the moon if I to make it to 3 days lol.

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