The Best Me

Today was the first day of my diet challenge to myself.  Can I eat clean for a whole month without breaking my accord? I personally don’t think I have it in me due to my willpower issues.  I was so craving an m&m at work today but I persevered,  

Breakfast today consisted of a grapefruit and 2 hard boiled eggs.

Lunch a salad consisting of spinach, carrots, and tomatoes with 24 oz of lemon water.

Dinner is to be determined.  

So some might be asking what exactly does my challenge consists of? What can I consume and what is on the no no list.

The things I can eat/drink are, honey, fruits, seeds, nuts, vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, chicken, healthy fats, brown rice, water.

Everything else is a no go.  My diet just became a whole lot complicated but I am hoping that with the exclusion of alcohol that I am able to lose at least 20 lbs.


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